Stop Separating Students: How Streaming Breeds Failure and Despair in Kota

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September 13, 2023
students suicide in kota

Have you ever felt like a failure before you even had a chance to prove yourself? In Kota, Rajasthan, this feeling is all too common for students segregated into “lower-performing” batches at the city’s famous coaching centres. As experts warn, this discriminatory system has led to increased rates of anxiety, depression and even suicide among Kota’s youth.

The Dark Side of Streaming Students in Kota

Have you ever wondered why some students in Kota advance so much faster than others? The dark truth is that many coaching centres systematically separate students into “batches” based on their performance and potential. If you’ve been streamed into a lower batch, good luck catching up.

Once labelled as “weak,” students face an uphill battle. They get less experienced teachers, cover less of the syllabus, and often develop an inferiority complex. This system breeds feelings of failure and despair in students who don’t make it to the top levels.

Rather than motivating students, the streaming approach often does the opposite. Those in lower batches may feel like “losers,” damaging their self-esteem and ambition. Some even drop out or worse, driven to suicide by the pressure to advance batches and the stigma of being left behind.

Experts argue that mixing students of all abilities encourages cooperation and learning from each other. Streaming, on the other hand, amplifies small differences in ability and potential into permanent labels. It’s time for Kota’s institutes to adopt a more holistic, student-centric approach – one that nurtures talent instead of ruthlessly sorting and sifting it.

Every student deserves the chance to learn and grow at their own pace without being made to feel like a failure. Kota’s institutes must make changes to support students’ well-being and create an environment where everyone can thrive. Our children’s lives depend on it.

The Psychological Toll of Segregating Students

If you’re a student in Kota, being segregated into different “batches” based on your performance can take a major psychological toll.

Once placed in a lower batch, it’s hard to climb your way up. You start to doubt yourself and your abilities, feeling like you’ve been labelled as “less intelligent” or “not good enough.” This severely impacts your motivation and self-esteem, especially for impressionable teens.

The intense competition in Kota already places extreme pressure to rank higher and achieve unrealistic scores. Segregating students amplifies this, making you feel like your worth depends on what batch you’re in. It fosters an environment where you compare yourself to others and tie your self-worth to rankings and scores rather than learning and growth.

For many students, the psychological impacts are devastating. Feelings of failure, despair and low self-worth can lead to anxiety, depression and even suicidal thoughts. Several student suicides in Kota have been linked to the practice of segregation and the immense pressure it produces.

Rather than labelling and ranking students, coaching centres would do well to support them holistically. Nurturing their well-being, motivation and love of learning will produce better outcomes than an overemphasis on competition and scores. Valuing students as individuals and focusing on their progress rather than comparing them to others is a far healthier approach.

Kota’s youth deserve an education system that inspires rather than breaks them. Ending the practice of student segregation would be an important first step in transforming Kota’s coaching culture to support students’ success and happiness.

Creating a Healthier Learning Environment: Ending Streaming and Reducing Academic Pressure

Ending the practice of streaming students into “elite” and “lower” classes can create a healthier learning environment and reduce unhealthy academic pressure.

Provide extra support for struggling students

Rather than labelling students as “weak” or “inferior” and segregating them into remedial classes, coaching centres should provide extra guidance and tutoring for students who need more help. Struggling students often lose confidence and motivation when separated from their peers, making it even harder for them to improve. With targeted support, many students can get back on track.

Promote an growth mindset

Coaching centres should foster an environment where students feel they can grow and improve through hard work, not that their abilities are fixed. Praising students for their efforts and perseverance, not just their outcomes or test scores, builds resilience. Students should be encouraged to view struggles and setbacks as opportunities to learn, not signs of failure. With the right mindset and support system, students can thrive under pressure rather than succumb to despair.

Reduce workload and competitive pressure

The excessive workloads and competitive environment in Kota coaching centres have been linked to increased anxiety, stress, and depression in students. Coaching centres should find ways to limit students’ workloads, decrease stress and foster collaboration over competition. For example, they can limit the number of mock tests, assign less homework over holidays and weekends, and encourage group studying and peer teaching. A less intensive, cutthroat learning environment will lead to better wellbeing and learning outcomes for students.

The practice of streaming has led to far more harm than good. By providing targeted support for struggling students, promoting a growth mindset, and reducing unhealthy pressure, The practice of streaming has led to far more harm than good. By providing targeted support for struggling students, promoting a growth mindset, and reducing unhealthy pressure, coaching centres can create an environment where all students feel motivated and able to succeed. Ending streaming and reforming their approach to learning and evaluation can help address the root causes behind Kota’s student mental health crisis.


In conclusion, the practice of streaming students in Kota based on their perceived abilities is alarming and needs to end. You’ve worked hard your whole life to get into these coaching centres, so why are they now dividing you up and making you feel like a failure before you’ve even had a chance? Every student deserves the same opportunities and resources to succeed. Don’t let a label define your potential or limit your dreams.

You have so much talent and possibility within you, so keep your head up and focus on your own progress. Tell your coaching centre that you won’t stand for being labelled and streamed. Band together with your peers and demand an end to this unjust system. You have the power to create change. Believe in yourself, support each other, and don’t give up. Your future is unwritten, so make it what you want.