Screening for Breast Cancer: An Essential Weapon in the War Against Cancer

In Health
May 21, 2024

Breast cancer is one the most frequent cancers, which affect women’s World Wide. Its early
diagnosis and detection helps a lot in the treatment or chances of success. The ultimate goal of
early breast cancer diagnosis is early detection, before spreading of cancer cells to other body
parts. Early detection results in an increasing survival rate. The American Cancer Society
claimed that the five-year comparative survival rate for breast cancer is 99% if it is discovered
early and is in its initial state.

Methods of Breast Cancer Screening
Breast self-examinations, clinical breast exams, and mammography are the main ways to
screen for breast cancer. Every technique has benefits and drawbacks of its own.

Mammography technique involved the X-ray imaging of internal organs. It is the most commonly
used diagnosis method. There are two types of screening mammograms and diagnostic
mammograms. Mammography is used for small and for ductal carcinoma in situ. It is not that
accurate, sometimes it produces false reports.

Clinical Breast Exams (CBE)
In this breast cancer diagnosis, medical specialists observe the lumps and tumor by physical
examination. Breast size, shape and texture are also examined. It’s a part of routine checkup,
and its accuracy depends upon the experience of the doctors and nurses.

Breast Self-Exams (BSE)
It is the self detection technique, involves the physical examination of the breast to observe
changes in the breast. It is not a replacement for mammography and it is not very accurate.
There is ongoing discussion and investigation over the efficacy of BSEs in lowering breast
cancer death rates.

Modern and emerging screening methods
In this modern world, there are some advanced screening technique which gave more accurate
and precise results. All these innovative techniques used to explore and detect the breast
cancer for early diagnosis.

● Digital Breast Tomosynthesis (DBT) examination involves the 3D picture of breast with
the help X-rays.
● Magnetic resonance imaging is also used for the detection of breast cancer.
● Ultrasound include the detection of tumor using sounds waves. It is also used to distinct
solid tumors and fluid-filled cysts.

Routine checkup for breast cancer should be the part of women’s healthcare. Early detection is
important for decreasing the death rate and effective treatment. To make educated decisions
regarding their breast health, women should talk to their medical professionals regarding their
specific health risks and diagnostic alternatives.