How did Shark Tank become the favorite reality show of Indians?

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June 13, 2023
Shark Tank become the favorite reality show of Indians

In a few years, India got a wave of startups. The Indian Government launched a scheme “Startup India” in 2016 to encourage the entrepreneurship spirit among people so that an ecosystem can be created in which innovative ideas can be turned into startups. Under this scheme, many subsidies and tax benefits are provided to startups. 

Shark Tank India worked as icing on the top by showing how people are turning their ideas into businesses and rocking in their fields. Shark Tank India is a franchise of the American show shark tank. 2 seasons have been successfully run on sony tv lately. In this show, many startups come to ask for funding in exchange for some portion of their company’s equity. There is a group of 6-7 potential investors who invest in the business whose pitch and idea they like. The entrepreneur prepares a pitch and represents that pitch in front of sharks. The pitch includes the journey and figures and concepts of business. The investors are called sharks in this show. 

Features that make this show special and relevant to watch

  • People really liked this show as people watched many stereotypes breaking. Shark Tank India became the witness of success stories of 18-year-old entrepreneurs and 70 years old entrepreneurs as well. 
  • The potential investors (sharks) in this show are chosen at specific criteria. All the sharks started their business from scratch and built a million-dollar company. The sharks are also an inspiration in itself.
  • People are getting to know the struggle story of many startups and the problems the business faces during their journey.
  • By watching this show, many people start to understand various business terms which are frequently used in the shark tank like equity, equity split, gross margin, net margin and EBITA and many more.
  • After this show, Businessmen who became sharks in this show are given equal importance as celebrities. and they got a chance to go on the kapil sharma show and at many other platforms. 
  • This show is one of its kind in India with a deep insight of business strategy and investment.
  • Few businesses that showed up in shark up became hits after their premiere on tv including Flatheads, zillionaire and green protein.
  • People could hear the struggle story of business “ the stage” which was the most inspiring story on this show. 
  • Few investors are blunt like Ashneer and anupam mittal who give very genuine feedback to entrepreneurs which makes it interesting.
  • All investors are pro in their field and everyone has some specific expertise. Every shark is likable in its way.
  • No doubt there is drama, but there is no melodrama so people could find this show more genuine and realistic in comparison to other reality shows in India.
  • There is no annoying and boring anchoring before the entry of entrepreneurs which youngsters are liking a lot. 

About Sharks in this show 

  1. Anupam Mittal (Founder of

He belongs to a business family and he is a well-educated businessman as well, he did his master’s from Boston University, US. He is founder of,, Mauj mobile app and People pictures. He is an investor in Ola too with 2 percent of equity. He is one of the blunt and intellectual sharks after Ashneer Grover. 

  1. Vinita Singh (Founder of Sugar)

Founder and CEO of SUGAR Cosmetics, Vinita Singh completed her schooling in Delhi and then did graduation in electrical engineering from IIT Madras. After graduation, she took admitted in IIM Ahmedabad to study business studies. She was featured on the cover of a magazine week after ditching a 1 crore package at the age of 23. She started sugar in 2012 with her cofounder, Kaushik. Now Sugar is one of the leading cosmetics Indian-based brands with more than 1 million downloads and millions of happy consumers. 

  1. Ashneer Grover (Founder of Bharat pe)

Ashneer did his graduation from IIT Delhi and did his MBA from IIM Ahmedabad. He started his career by working with Kotak Bank as vice president, then he worked as a chief financial officer in American Express. In 2015, he finally decided to start his own business. Here entry of Bharat pe occurs. He is shown in season 1 of shark tank India only.

  1. Amit Jain (founder of car dekho)

Amit Jain entered shark tank season 2 in the place of Ashneer Grover. He is very humble and down to earth. He is the founder and CEO of the Cardekho company. He started his company along with his brother. He has completed his engineering from IIT Delhi. He belongs well to his family. His father was an RBI officer. He started an IT company girnarsoft in 2007 with his brother. Eventually, he launched where buyers can choose the right car for them.

  1. Namita Thapar ( Executive Director of Emcure)

Namita Thapar holds a degree of CA from ICAI and an MBA degree from Fuqua School of Business at Duke University. She worked in the US as Business finance lead for a few years and then she came back to her home country and joined Emcure Pharmaceuticals as chief financial officer in 2007. Now she is executive director in Emcure. She knows how to respect entrepreneurs and always behaves very humbly in shark tanks. She has been viral for her dialog “meri isme expertise nhi hai”.

  1. Aman Gupta (Co-founder of Boat)

He is one of the cool sharks and he is liked for his jolly nature in the show. He is the co-founder and managing director of Boat, a Bluetooth speaker, headphone and earphone maker. Apart from Boat, he founded Advanced Telemedia Pvt ltd and  Imagine Marketing India too. He has worked at top designations in citi bank and KPMG and HARMAN Internationals. He has done his graduation in business from Delhi University and did MBA twice in different specializations from the Indian School of Business and Kellogg Graduate School of Management, USA.

  1. Piyush Goel (founder of lenskart)

He is the co-founder, and chief executive of the billion-dollar brand of eyewear, Lenskart. He completed his honors of engineering at MC Gill University of Canada and got a degree in management program (MPEFB) from IIM Bangalore. Before starting his own business, he was working at tech giant Microsoft as a program manager. He started Lenskart in 2007 and now Lenskart has entered in unicorn club. He is considered the sweetest shark and he won the hearts of people by investing in the idea of Jugaadu Kamlesh.

Final Words

It is a show where many technical and typical business terms are used. This show could be successful to reach most households in India. Many youths are getting inspired to start their business after watching their show. No one expected that this show could be watched at this level. Other reality shows should take note of Shark Tank India that how a reality show should be. No melodrama, no annoying music, and no unnecessary anchoring.

India needs some more shows like this which help people to make aware of what is going on in the world.