Unique Tourism Sites for Foreigners Which Define India’s Culture in the Best Way

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May 26, 2023
unique tourism sites

India is the land of the followers of the oldest religion ‘Sanatan Dharma’. The practices done in this religion make India unique and different from other nations. Three more religions originated from India which are Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism. There are a lot of festivals celebrated in India. India is home of a prosperous Indus Valley civilization. There are more than 200 sites of Indus Valley civilization as well. Along with this, there are many historical sites that define the strong architecture of old India. Northeast India is the neighboring part of China.

For nature lovers, there are many tourist sites along with wildlife sanctuaries, roots bridges, waterfalls and plantations.  See, beaches and mountains are common and there are many countries which have many beaches and mountain ranges. So come to India to have a different experience like meditation in Rishikesh,  exploring Ajanta caves in Maharastra, enjoying spicy north Indian food in Delhi’s busiest market Chandni Chowk and Ganga Aarti in Banaras, Holi in Mathura and many more unique stuff. So, these are the things tourists must explore by coming to India. 

Well, these are a few tourist places which define India’s culture very well and everyone should visit here once in their life.

  • Udaipur 

Known as the city of lakes, it is a romantic city full of wonderful places to visit. At Least 2 days are required to cover all the famous sites of Udaipur including museums, forts and lakes. Udaipur is a city in Rajasthan, founded by Maharana Uday Singh in 1559. The best time to visit Udaipur is between September and March. 

  • Rishikesh

It’s a city situated near the ganga river in Uttarakhand. It is known as the yoga capital of the world. There are many temples and ashrams that people visit to relax their minds by doing yoga and meditation. In an interview, CEO Mark Zuckerberg told that he visited Rishikesh during a hard time in career and it helped him to relax his mind. The ganga and mountains all around the city make it very beautiful. 

  • Varanasi

Varanasi, formerly known as Banaras is considered the oldest continuously inherited city in the world. One can experience here the rich culture of heritage. It is full of temples, museums, and ghats. Ganga ghat of this city is very unique, full of colors and different practices which attract tourists across the world. The old streets and food here make the visit special and unforgettable.

  • Bhimbetka Caves, Madhya Pradesh 

It is an archaeological site, managed by UNESCO. It is a series of  240 rock shelters in the foothills of the Vindhya Range of Central India. These are famous for their cave paintings which are evidence of human existence 10000 years back. It is heaven for history lovers. It attracts lakhs of tourists every year.

  • Hampi

Hampi, a UNESCO world heritage site, is the ruins of the Vijayanagar empire. It’s the perfect glimpse of the Dravidian style of architecture. For history lovers, it’s a delighted.  It is surrounded by 500 marvelous monuments including temples and forts. Winter is best to visit Hampi. It is not so popular but the site is breathtaking and people should visit there to experience the rich history of India.

  • Jaisalmer

It is situated in the heart of the desert, known as the golden city. Yellow sandstone architecture makes it unique. It is a princely state famous for Jaisalmer fort which is called as sonar quila. This city conserves the Rajasthani culture in the best way. While there are all the modern amenities, still they are stick to their culture which makes Jaisalmer very colorful. Jaisalmer is famous among foreign tourists a lot.

  • Kerala

It is a state in the southern part of India. It is good to explore enchanting lagoons, tranquil canals and spicy plantations. Munnar, Alleppey and Cochin are the most famous tourist destinations in Kerala. Kerala is best for those who want to explore the scenic beauty of mountains along with beaches. Kerala is called god’s own country because of its beauty. One can visit Kerala to know the Dravidian culture and to explore the unexplored beauty of India. 

  • Ladakh

Ladakh is famous among youngsters of India and abroad as well who go to Ladakh by bike. The things which make it special are the Buddhist monasteries, festivals, thrilling adventure activities and high mountain ranges. The culture of Ladakh is different from other part of India. The design of houses, food, language, and race is totally unique. It is a good destination for people who love to explore multiple cultures. In winter there is extremely cold and roads are blocked by snow so summer is the best time to visit Ladakh.

  • Sikkim

It is a state in north east India. North east India is way much more clear and full of lush green areas than other parts of India. There is a beautiful valley of flowers at Yumthang which is rich in varieties of flora and fauna. In the rainy season, the Himalayan range is visible from Sikkim. There are several treks that lead through pine forests and picturesque valleys. This is whole package for nature lovers who want to visit some unique and unexplored beauty of india.

  • Delhi

Delhi has many wonderful historical sites like lal qila, qutub minar, Humayun toms, kama masjid and many others. Along with these, it is home to one of the oldest and busiest markets, Chandni chowk. Delhi is rich in north Indian culture which is clearly shown in its language, people and food. Delhi is known for its street food. It is a place full of religious pilgrimage of Hindus, Muslim and Sikhs including Bangla sahib gurudwara, Akshardham and Jama masjid. The people who love Indian culture will love Delhi for sure. 

The final words

The world is full of wonders, give yourself time to explore those. Everyone gets life once so it must be spent in its best way. Make traveling your hobby, it is the best book that will give you the best lessons of your life. In terms of tourism, India is more than the Taj Mahal and gateway of India. Tourism helps in improving the economy of a country. Government should promote tourism and promote places that can attract large no. of tourism.