When Bride and Groom ditched the ‘conventional’ Wedding Attire

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January 04, 2024

Indian weddings are akin to a Bollywood blockbuster, with their vibrant colours and lavish décor. It’s always a grand spectacle, where everyone wearing from scorching sarees to sherwanis and donning with vibrant jewelry that could add weight to the wedding attire.

But wait—it’s an Indian wedding of a bollywood star’s daughter!

Ira Khan, the daughter of Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan, and Nupur Shikhare, her fitness instructor and businessman, are in news headlines not because of their big fat wedding but the choice of their wedding attire. While the bride opted simple traditional outfit, groom ditched the conventional attire and embraced the day with shorts and a vest.

As the videos went viral, Nupur Shikhare received a mixed bag of reactions on social media.

One of the netizen wrote, “Wedding day is supposed to be the most beautiful day of ur life..why are u wearing a vest and half pants man? At least show some respect to guests.”

While another wrote, “Who wears this type of dress for marriage…???… Idiot ppl no values for any ritual.”

You must have heard from your loved ones saying ‘enjoy your big day to the fullest’. That’s what Nupur Shikhare did in his wedding. He fully enjoyed, wore an athletic outfit, jogged and got married!

It’s quite interesting the way he turned up to the wedding venue. He ditched the baarat, wore a black banyan and white shorts and jogged 8 kms with his friends. Before entering the wedding hall, he danced to Dhol beats and then fulfilled the marriage registration formalities.    

In addition to Nupur Shikhare, Ira also maintained a low-key look by dressing simply in pants and a choli with a dupatta. Reactions to the couple’s unorthodox wedding attire and simplicity have been seen on soical media.

Both of them received comments like,

“Alladin and Alif Laila”.

“This is heights even at her own wedding she is dressed so badly.”

“The bride reminds me of Kamal Haasan’s Chachi 40 outfit.”

“RIP dressing sense”.

Though, the social media users were not happy with the bride – groom’s wedding attire. But both of them marked their day as one of the most memorable moments of their life in their own way.

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