Which is better, Oral sunscreen or regular one? Exploring the benefits and limitations

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June 01, 2024

Oral sunscreen is the innovative idea to get tan-free skin without applying any harmful chemical cosmetics. It is the modern method of protecting themselves from the exposure of the UVA and UVB by administration of dietary supplements with antioxidants. There is still a debate regarding the efficiency of oral sunscreen over tropical ones. Let us understand the basics of oral sunscreen, its advantages, disadvantages and other essential information.

What is Oral Sunscreen?

Oral sunscreen is the novel approach to develop resistance against ultraviolet rays and Sunlight through dietary supplements. For the application, you should eat food rich in antioxidants, vitamins and plant extracts. The antioxidants present in the food allow the skin cells to develop a shield for UV damage. If we talk about plant extracts, then the common components are Beta-carotene, lycopene, and Polypodium leucotomos extract.

Benefits of Oral Sunscreen

There are several benefits of oral sunscreen over traditional ones. Some of the key benefits of oral sunscreen are mentioned below for the reference:

Convenience: Oral sunscreen avoids the repetitive application of tropical sunscreen, while swimming, walking and other activities. Oral sunscreen provides a wonderful substitute to handle this drawback of tropical sunscreen.
Full-Body Protection: Tropical sunscreen protects only the area of application, while oral sunscreen is for the whole body as it protects the body from inside.
Additional Health Benefits: The main components of oral sunscreen are the antioxidants which play an important role in the fighting against skin aging. They also prevent our skin from oxidative stress and make our skin healthy.

Limitations of Oral Sunscreen

Every coin has two faces, everything that has an advantage will always have limitations as well. Here are some limitations of Oral sunscreen:
Effectiveness: Oral sunscreen is effective only to some extent, but can’t replace the topical sunscreen. You can’t rely on oral sunscreen totally.
Lack of Immediate Protection: Oral sunscreens may not offer instant protection from UV radiation; instead, they may take some time for their effects to accumulate in your system. Topical sunscreens, on the other hand, provide immediate protection after application. ● Incomplete UV Coverage: As tropical sunscreen, oral sunscreen didn’t directly block UV rays, but improve the body’s defense system. Oral sunscreen provides narrow spectrum protection against UV rays.

Combining Both for Optimal Protection
People who are looking for the finest sun protection may use the combination of both, oral and tropical sunscreen. Immediate sun protection is offered by tropical sunscreen with high SPF like, 50 or 60. Oral sunscreen provides healthy skin with lots of natural ingredients and develops a defense to resist the sunlight or UV radiation.
Oral sunscreen is the complementary method for sun protection regimens, but can’t replace the regular sunscreen. Routine application of Sunscreen helps in avoiding sunburn, skin cancer and premature aging. Including the oral sunscreen in your daily routine will help you in providing healthy skin, and delay skin aging. It is a holistic strategy of protection from suntan.