Are your Habits killing your Kidney?

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February 16, 2024

Shaped like beans, our kidneys are a component of our renal system. They are essential to maintain the healthy and disease-free body. Their function is to remove extraneous water and other contaminants from the blood. After that, the bladder stores these waste materials, which are expelled during urination. However, they do more than this – RBCs production, regulates blood pressure, detoxification, and also regulates the vital mineral levels in internal organs.

Due to your hectic schedules and change in lifestyle, unconsciously, you adopt unhealthy habits that are gradually harming your Kidneys. As a general notion, Kidney problems not only affect the elders and alcoholics, but it also affect to anyone whose habits are not in sync with body’s requirement.

We have listed out some unhealthy habits adopted now-a-days due to our change in lifestyles:

Less water intake

We forget to drink enough water throughout the day while managing numerous tasks on our plate. But, remember, Water keeps your body hydrated and your kidneys free from impurities. Less water intake is one of the main reasons of kidney stones. Thus, the best defense against kidney issues is to drink enough water.  To stay hydrated and prevent kidney issues, you should consume 1.5 to 2 litres of water every day.

Eating processed food

Processed foods are more convenient in this fast paced life, so you have become more reliant on them. But you might not be aware of the gradual kidney damage caused by these fast foods. Processed foods are high in phosphorus, sugar, and salt that slows down the body’s metabolism, raises blood pressure, and induces diabetes, all of which increase the risk of kidney problems.

High salt intake

It is harmful to one’s health, particularly with high blood pressure. It also leads to health issues like diabetes and obesity and also causes renal hypertrophy and fibrosis. Your kidneys have to work harder to filter out excess salt from your body. This overworks cause hypertension, water retention, and chronic kidney diseases.

Eating High-protein diet

Consuming meats and other protein sources raises blood acid levels, which the kidneys are unable to quickly filter out. This can cause acidosis and chronic kidney disease in patients with digestive disorders.

High alcohol intake:

You know your kidneys remove all contaminants from your blood, including alcohol. Drinking alcohol dehydrates our body, making it harder for our kidneys to keep our bodies hydrated. As a result, the kidneys receive interrupted blood flow, which causes irreversible kidney damage. Studies have also shown that the risk of chronic kidney disease doubles if you consume more than two drinks per day.

So, for the kidneys to remain in good condition, be mindful of what you putting into your body. Avoid taking unnecessary medicines, drink water atleast 2-3 litres, follow 30 minutes exercise routine, follow healthy diet includes more fruits and vegetables in your diet and abstain from alcohol. Along with this, go for routine kidney evaluation to assess your kidney health.