Trains in India are Redefining the Public Transport Mode

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April 27, 2023
indian railways

Rail or train is a mode of transport that runs on tracks made specifically for trains.

Rails has become the solution for travel in India over time as it provides travel facilities to humans and carriage of goods at affordable prices. 

Back then, this means of transportation was used only for traveling from one city to another. But now, there are a few versions of trains that are solving the issues of traveling within a city. 

Being the most populous country and due to rapid growth in urbanization, few cities have a population in crores so it was need of time to introduce such means of transportation in which a massive population can travel together. Here are the versions of the train which have been introduced in India as of now

  • Indian Railway system
  • This is the first thing that comes to mind when we hear the word ‘train’ as this is the oldest version of the train introduced by the Indian British government in 1853.
  • It was 161 years back when the first train ran from Mumbai to Thane on a 34 km track.
  • Since then, there is no looking back for the Indian railway. Indian railway has one of the strongest railway networks in the world with a track of 128000 km length. 
  • 23 million passengers travel daily through trains on a daily basis. With this huge number, it can be said that it has become the core element of travel means in India. 
  • The railway system is developed gradually. The main thing is its network which makes it accessible to all. 
  • There are 13 lakh employees working in the Indian railway which makes IR  one of the largest employers. 
  •  At this point in time, 13000 trains run on a daily basis. 
  • IR helps in overall social and economic development, This year Indian railway generated revenue of 2.4 lakh crore.
  • Indian railway is part of the railway ministry so it is owned, financed and organized by the railway ministry.
  • It is used for transporting coal, metal, petroleum and even food grains which makes it the lifeblood of the country
  • There are few trains that are made specifically to promote tourism. These types of trains are well connected with shrines and tourist places. Some of them have bars, residential suites, restaurants and even gyms. Maharaja Express is the best example of such kind of train in India
  • IRCTC is the app provided to passengers to book the tickets, to check the schedule of the train and to cancel the ticket.
  • Metro train Corporation
  • While the normal train is used for long-distance, the metro train is used for travel of short distance
  • Metro trains are generally found in big cities. In India, there are 15 cities in which metro train service is available.
  • Delhi became the first metropolitan city when the first line of Delhi metro, the red line got operational on December 24, 2002. Since then, the Delhi metro is developing very fast.  It already has an operational network of 348 km.
  • In most of the metro, Ladies coach is reserved and few seats for ladies and aged people are reserved in every coach.
  • It is making the life of people easier as it is serving such a mode of transport which is a time saver as well as a cost saver and convenient too.
  • It helps in reducing pollution eventually like a lot of people together in the metro instead of traveling by bus, autorickshaw or their own vehicle. Metro trains use electricity as fuel.
  • The time in which the metro train provides its service is from 6:00 AM to 10:45 PM.
  • Metro trains generally have 6-7 coaches with a capacity of 1200 – 1500 passengers.
  • It is designed in such a manner that all the main workstation areas, famous markets, and airports could be well connected to the metro service.
  • Rapid rail transit system
  • The first Indian rapid rail will be operational soon from Delhi to Meerut. The construction is in process lately.
  • To introduce rapid rail in India, the route from Delhi to Meerut is chosen as it is one of the busiest routes in India. To make commuting easier, this project was proposed with a budget of 30,270 crores.
  • It is very different from a normal train and it is the first of its kind in India. These types of trains are redefining the public transport service. It is dedicated to high capacity and high speed.
  • Rapid rail is a subway kind of transit like a metro train but it will facilitate people who want to travel long distances at a fast and comfortable pace. while metro train connects various areas within a city or just around the city.
  • Two other upcoming projects of RRTS are Delhi to Alwar corridor and Delhi to Panipat corridor.
  • RRTS is owned by the National Capital Region Transport Corporation(NCRTC). It is being funded by Paytm payment bank after winning the bid from the state bank of India.

Significance of train in India

  • Being very affordable, people of each and every category can use it for traveling purposes. Trains have a wide range of various categories so people can choose as per their budget and convenience.
  • Trains have a specific track to run so it makes this mode of transportation free of traffic jams. And it has high speed compared to other road transport
  • It has a high capacity in terms of people which makes it eco-friendly. Because it reduces the use of fuel used for running various vehicles.
  • It is the safest means of traveling because very few train accidents are recorded.
  • There are various trains which provide travel solutions for both long distance and short distance.


The government and the whole system of India is trying to improve the public transport system a lot so that more people can use it for travel purposes. Everyone should use public transport as it will really help in the reduction of consumption of petroleum and other fossil fuels. It is eco-friendly though. In upcoming years, the train will be known for its convenience and good connectivity unlikely it is known for dirty washrooms and rush.