Into the Wild: An Unforgettable Adventure of Camping and Hiking in Jim Corbett National Park

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July 02, 2024

Jim Corbett National Park is a place of beauty and a place for thrill seekers, with its location
at the foot of the Himalayas. It has an area which measures up to 520 square kilometers that
consist of various kinds of landforms to be enjoyed for hiking as well as camping in such a
way that one can hear nature calling him/her to venture into lush sceneries and vibrant

A Paradise for Adventurers
The park, created in 1936, happens to be India’s very first national park by any chance and it
acts as a sanctuary for Bengal Tigers. However, this park has more than its famous wildlife,
it also provides some amazing hiking and camping spots. All around the park there are
different things to explore on account of its varied topography including grasslands, rivers
and dense vegetation. Besides enhancing scenic beauty, Ramganga River also gives people
on long walks through the woods some relief.

Inspiring Hiking Trails
Different levels of difficulty are catered for with several well-marked trails in the park. One of
the most popular routes is a trek to Garjia Temple, which is a calm walk amid greenery and
through wooden bridges. The Bijrani Zone has dense Sal forests, offering more difficult
paths that make every step thrilling as it can be a chance to see different wildlife species
such as elephants and hard-to-spot leopards.
A panoramic view of the park and surrounding mountains is what you get when you hike
through Kanda Ridge Trail. This hike may demand too much from trekkers but it offers them
breathtaking views and close encounters with nature.

Under Starry Skies
Camping in Jim Corbett will forever remain an experience like no other. There are various
campsites within the park each with its own mix of comforts and wildness. Just picture
yourself pitching your tent by the peaceful river, as sounds of the forest play around you
naturally. The Dhikala zone stands out because it has top rated camping facilities that have
struck a delicate balance between being old-fashioned and modernized at the same time.
Evening campfires under a starry sky are beautiful moments and opportunities to tell stories
of the day’s escapades while at night there are sounds from various nocturnal animals. It is
one of those things that you never forget when you wake up in the morning, birds singing
and mist rising over the river.

Experience the wild

Jim Corbett National Park is not just another place on earth but rather an offer to completely
indulge yourself in pure natural beauty. The park provides an escape from the ordinary
whether it be hiking across thick forests or camping by quiet riverside. It has a lot of trails
and every journey is a new experience while each night spent beneath twinkling stars brings
us closer to our wilderness.
Get your backpacks ready, put on your hiking shoes and step into Jim Corbett’s wild side.
Let’s begin with this adventure!