Being a Slow Killer, Why is Tobacco Consumed by a Large Number of Adults?

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April 15, 2023
Tobacco Consumption and Smoking

According to the Global Adult Tobacco Survey, In India nearly 267 million adults consume tobacco. India is the second largest consumer and producer of tobacco.

Smokeless tobacco is the most consumed form in India. The tobacco products are khaini, zarda and gutkha.

Tobacco has been the main cause of disease and death in India. Nearly 1.35 million people die from the disease caused by tobacco every year. 

Due to government policy, brands of tobacco have to show a clear warning of tobacco causing disease on the packaging. Almost 80 percent of packaging is covered with warning signs and severe mouth cancer patient pictures. Still, there is no declining graph in no. of users of tobacco in India. 

The reason why a large no. of  adults are consuming tobacco

  • It is a slow killer but There are no instant side effects of tobacco.  People are not scared of long-term effects. 
  • It is considered cool to smoke cigarettes and hookah in modern adult society. People don’t want to feel left out so many adults start smoking in peer pressure then it becomes a habit. Even in the corporate culture, it is consumed by most males and females.
  • There are a few brand chains like chai sutta bars, which directly or indirectly give a message to adults that smoking cigarettes is just a normal thing and it should be a habit like people have a habit of having tea.
  • Adults are so stressed at this time, tobacco gives them a sense of mental relief for some time.
  • Indians are crazy about Bollywood. Bollywood actors are ideals for all Indians. There are many actors who promote tobacco through surrogate marketing. People feel like if big superstars can consume, why not us? 

How is Surrogate Marketing Used To Promote Tobacco?

Surrogate marketing is a technique used by tobacco companies to promote their products indirectly, despite strict regulations on tobacco advertising and promotion. Surrogate marketing involves promoting products that are not directly related to tobacco but are instead associated with the brand, such as clothing, music, or events, to create brand awareness and loyalty. Here are some points that can be explored in an article about surrogate marketing in the cigarette industry:

  •  Due to strict regulations on tobacco advertising and promotion, tobacco companies have turned to surrogate marketing to promote their products indirectly. Surrogate marketing is often used to create a positive brand image and promote brand loyalty among consumers.
  • Surrogate marketing has been criticized for being misleading and deceptive, as it allows tobacco companies to promote their products indirectly to young people and non-smokers. It can also make it more difficult for regulators to enforce tobacco advertising regulations.
  • Many countries have introduced regulations to address surrogate marketing in the cigarette industry. For example, in India, tobacco companies are not allowed to promote products or services that are not directly related to tobacco, such as music events or clothing lines.
  • Surrogate marketing can have a significant impact on the perception and behavior of consumers, particularly young people. By promoting a positive brand image and associating the brand with desirable products or experiences, tobacco companies can make smoking seem more appealing and normal.


The tobacco industry is a massive industry with a significant impact on public health, it provides employment for millions of people. Despite regulatory efforts to control tobacco use, it remains a significant public health issue in India and around the world. tobacco is indeed a slow killer, but it is never too late to quit smoking and take preventive measures to reduce the risk of smoking-related illnesses.