Changes in People’s Perspective in Choosing Career Options

In Technology
April 13, 2023
creative vs traditional career

The new generation, millennials, and Genz are more choosy about their career options. They are very specific about their career choice. They prefer a better profile job with less salary than a high-paid job with a less reputed profile. Earlier, people used to focus on getting a job as their main goal was just to earn money. Now people’s focus has changed. They don’t just want to get a job. They want a career which they can pursue their whole life so it must not be boring for them. The major change in choosing career options results in few changes in the overall behavior of these generations which are

  • Millennials are risk-takers. They aren’t afraid to take risks while choosing their career option.
  • Millennials switch jobs more frequently. They don’t get stable jobs till when they don’t start feeling that they are meant to do this.
  • They choose the career about which they are passionate, whether it is dancing, playing games, architecture, marketing or anything else.
  • Society is changing so new generations grow in such an environment where they can give more weightage to their interest than other factors while choosing a career.
  • Millennials know that career can affect their whole life still they are ready to do revolutionary
  • Millennials are more creative and innovative. They just search for the gap in the market and bring an idea to fulfill that gap. It means they have an entrepreneurial spirit.

The main preferred things by millennials and gen z in their career option

  • Good working environment – This is one of the most preferred things for every employee as of now. Earlier, the workspace used to be boring. Now companies take it as a challenge to make good working space. International companies give a lavish and luxurious working space to people to work. Because of competition, Indian companies also provide good working space with gaming areas, pantry, clean washroom, cozy chairs. The employee has to spend one-third of his day at the workplace so it definitely means to be good and hassle-free.
  • Mental satisfaction – Mental satisfaction is important if someone wants to pursue his career option for the long term. The work he is doing must be in which he can add value and can be a more innovative and critical thinker. His skills must be utilized in that thing so career is chosen as per the skills of one.
  • Good profile is a priority –  Earlier, people used to focus on getting a job as their main goal was just to earn money. Now people’s focus has changed. They don’t just want to get a job. They want a career which they can pursue their whole life so it must not be boring for them.
  • Rapid career growth – People used to work for low salaries or income for their whole life. A new generation has big dreams and to fulfill those dreams they need more money. So, they choose a career option in which they can earn a sufficient amount of money and recognition as well.
  • Willing to learn more skills – Millennials are always willing to learn more skills. It helps in maintaining their interest and in enhancing their overall personality. They want to engage in more than one activity which makes their work more challenging but it plays a vital role in learning new things.

Factors of Rising of Entrepreneurship Spirit in Millennials

Government support –  Over time, the Government started to promote entrepreneurship because it’s hard to generate job opportunities for a massive amount of the population in india. The result is over 80 startups registered daily. The revolution brought a major change in the working culture and environment. Governments provide finance also to innovative ideas so that a person who has an idea can turn his idea into a business.

Self-employment – The sense of having one’s own work fascinates many youngsters. This is the reason they prefer to work on their own rather than doing a job. People start by freelancing in a business where only skills are required and then start a business on a bigger level. 

Building a new brand – It fascinates a lot to build a brand. Earlier Indians relied on foreign brands for most of things. Now in India, because of the startup culture, many products and services have been launched which are way better than foreign products in terms of price and quality. Shark Tank is the biggest example to understand the level of startup culture in India. 

Technological advancement – To start a business has become so much easier. Just making a website and making it registered are the steps required to commence a business in this technological era. Many businesses don’t need much capital to operate.

Coworking space – Coworking spaces are such buildings where many startups can work together under one roof. These buildings provide all the basic amenities to companies like wifi, beverages, washroom, common area, and cafeterias at a very reasonable price. The rent is based on the no. of chairs you are acquiring. This concept helps startups to reduce the burden of having an office on rent. This working culture helps employees grow in a healthy environment.

Innovation and critical thinking – an employee is bound in a job that he can’t use his creativity in his own way to work. He has to work as per the order of his manager. In entrepreneurship, he is open to using his innovative ideas to make his business better. He has to play a lot of roles in his own company as he is responsible for many things so it results in drastic development of personality.

The final words

The main goal is earning money but never keep your mental peace as a second priority. A person should choose a career that could give mental peace to him. The new generation is setting new standards and rocking. India is going towards a better generation because of the changing mentality of people. Now people are more risk-takers which is eventually resulting in an increasing no. of startups. Companies also care more about their employees’ interests than before. Earlier there was exploitation of the employee’s mental and physical health.